The following information is provided by DENTTABS and tells you all you need to know about not just how, but also why we should all be making the switch.....

"Teeth-Care 3.0! 
Our world are teeth. And if it was only to give people good looking new teeth it would at most be a question of money. 
And if it was only about cleaning teeth the shelves are packed with more than we need. 
But when considering teeth-care and mouth-care we only rely on the “knowledge” that we were told from childhood. 
But the closer you look the more you realize: We do it all wrong! 
My brother and I live on running a dental-lab. For about 90% we live on the wrong-doing of the people. We live on the not-understanding of what proper teeth-care means. We live on a wrong knowledge that we all are still being told day-in – day-out. Realizing this was quite frustrating for us! 

3 major topics let DENTTABS-teeth-caring-tablets serve as no other product does. Worldwide: 

1. Polish – don’t brush!

Strictly speaking with DENTTABS you don’t want to "clean“ (or brush) your teeth. With the main ingredient, cellulose, and our extremely soft DENTTABS-tooth"brush” you polish the surfaces of your teeth. And these polished surfaces do not just appear more shiny and glossy. On these polished surfaces dental-plaque simply cannot develop! And we all know that dental-plaque is the necessary base for tooth-decay, tatar etc. So simply said our dental-lab will loose 90% of its turnover once people follow this change in habit… 
2. DENTTABS 'repair' teeth!

In the late 1960s scientists found out that with a Fluorid-Ion (F-) being present in saliva on the surface of a tooth the re-mineralising cystals that are built out of saliva ingredients develop much faster than without F- being present. The toothpaste-industry took the chance and made their toothpaste the (so everybody thought) fulfillment of a need: Toothpaste containing Fluoride helps against tooth-decay, a major problem in those days. The scientific idea still stands. But the media is wrong! 
For good reasons there is only a very small amount of Fluoride in the paste. But this small amount (max. 1500ppm = 0,15%) surrounded by very much paste simply cannot do its job! 
DENTTABS work absolutely differently: DENTTABS contain the same amount of fluoride in each tablet as contains 1 gram of a regular toothpaste. But it totally dissolves in saliva the moment you bite on it, mix it with your saliva and then spread it with our extremely soft DENTTABS-tooth”brush” all over your teeth! And thus 100% is available for the job of re-mineralising especially the sensitive necks of your teeth. They thus are repaired permanently! 
3. Toothpaste changes the tissue in your mouth!

The basic idea of Prof. Dr. Peter Gängler (former Dean of Dentistry at private university Witten-Herdecke, Germany) was the trouble that ingredriants, needed to turn water into paste, may cause when wandering through the mucosa into the body. It has only been during the latest reports from users and dentists that show HOW right he was! 
We must understand that some of the most dramatic phenomenons of our time relates to our mouth. It’s not only the words that come out of it but all the “things” that get into it. Take a deep breath in an underground train during wintertime. The reason that all those bacteria, viruses or spore you breath in don’t kill you is that the microflora in your mouth keeps them at bay! What we see and what users tell and show us is that all kind of inflammations, bleeding, bad breath and many more phenomena simply disappeared only days after switching to the exclusive use of DENTTABS! Do you know that there are correlations between periodontitis and heart diseases, diabetes and possibly even Alzheimers? Never mind the loss of your teeth at the end of the process. We run a dental-lab. But all the time until, all kind of microbes multiply in masses. And they do that 24/7! And they enter your blood and your organs and, so it seems, even your brain. 
And what makes DENTTABS so different?


One: You are kind to your teeth by polishing with cellulose and an extremely smooth toothbrush. 
Two, and this is the scary part: It’s what you don’t do! You don’t apply all the things that toothpaste needs to turn water into a stable, in a wide range of temperatures usable, disinfected and disinfecting, ‘good looking’ and ‘good’ tasting paste two or even more times a day to the very sensitive tissue of your mouth! This cocktail not just wanders through the tissue into the blood but as we ‘refill’ twice or more times per day it also is present within the tissue. And what our users observed, is that once you stop adding, what is left in the tissue comes out again. Probably either into the mouth to be swallowed or into the blood. And with the ‘coming out’ the tissue starts recovering! Blood circulation increases which lets the gums re-tighten to the teeth, which gives the immune system a better chance to get rid of all those who live well in the gap between gums and tooth. By the way: We’re not just talking about gums. ALL the tissue in your mouth even down the throat are concerned! 
And to stop all this you simply need to switch from paste to tablet… 
Naturally we do not just make friends with all these findings. But … 
The category for sensitive teeth alone looses its business once people concerned with this problem understand that it takes only one or maybe two tablets to get permanently rid of the pain, where such toothpaste typically cannot help for more then from morning to night… 
With all the reactions from our users we still have faith to be on the right track! 
To get really into it you best do your personal test. Use DENTTABS-teeth-caring-tablets and DENTTABS-toothbrush for 14 days exclusively every morning – every night. 
Thereafter try to get back to your old brush and paste. You will totally understand! Any other toothbrush is too hard for your teeth und gums. Toothpaste will be revolting…