Want to save 10% on your weekly food bill? Sign up to our bespoke Subscription Service

Think you'll need the odd extra?

You can place an order of additional items to arrive alongside your subscription order and pay nothing extra for delivery.

Sign up for a subscription now and receive any product you like, as often as you like for 10% off your shop and home delivery for only £2.50.

Can I amend my subscription?

Yes, you can add to your subscription at any time, simply go to the product you'd like to add and click on 'add to subscription'.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply do this by logging in to your Pedrick's account and clicking on 'Manage Subscription'. Here you can also swap, and remove products.

Can I collect my subscription?

Click & collect subscription orders can be arranged for a day and time that suits you for only £1.00. Orders for additional items can be placed up until 48 hours before your order is ready for collection, at no extra charge.

Can I add to my subscription?

Yes and you will receive FREE delivery for any additional items you'd like to order.

Need some bits & bobs delivered alongside your subscription delivery? Simply place a one-off order as normal and enter the discount code provided to you when you sign up for your subscription. Please allow 48hrs for any additional orders to be prepared.

Please note this can only be used for deliveries/collections that are on the same day as your subscription, and it can only be used on your account.