In Store - How Does It Work?

No Containers? No Problem!

We're all about trying to reduce toxic plastic packaging and give the consumer the freedom to choose exactly what they want and how they want it. You can bring any container you please. Many customers re-use plastic packaging from previous purchases e.g. supermarket bread bags or yoghurt pots. 

For those without containers, we have free paper bags and boxes available. We also have containers of all sizes for sale, alongside pre-loved containers that have been through the dishwasher. Take your pick!


How do I refill my containers?

If it's your first time dispensing in store then you can ask a member of the team for guidance on using the scales or for some tips & tricks on how to use the dispensers.

If you're a little socially anxious, don't fret, feel free to inform a member of the team and we'll keep things low key and help you get going. If you'd rather go completely DIY then no worries! It's rather simple and once you've been a couple of times, you'll know what you're doing. 

  1. Weigh your empty container on the scales by selecting 'I have an empty container to weigh' and hitting 'print' (not needed if it is a paper bag). 
  2. Apply the barcode provided to your container
  3. Fill your container 
  4. Return to the scales and select 'I have a filled container to weigh' 
  5. Use the separate barcode scanner to scan your barcode
  6. Choose your product and check you're happy with the price and weight
  7. Print your final barcode and then you're ready to pay

It's sort of like when self-service checkouts became a thing, after a couple of shots it gets easier and thankfully our scales don't shout at you! Promise! 

Pop in for a browse, there is plenty to see and look at, and you'll soon understand the therapeutic nature of filling containers to one's heart's content.