Every item on our site with a gold star (⭐) has been lovingly created by a local supplier! Search 'SHOP LOCAL' for all of our locally produced products! 

Did you know that for every £1.00 you spend with a local business, roughly 63p stays within your local community, as opposed to 40p from a chain store?! 

If we can get just 1 in 50 people in Caterham to spend just a third of their average weekly shopping budget with us, this could mean roughly £150,000 a year, going back into our community! WOWEE!

We have so many fantastic local suppliers, bakers, butchers, confectioners all within a 20-mile radius of Caterham, all selling a supreme standard of goods and all struggling with rising business rates, competition from mass producers and online stores, and having to close standalone shops because of the large overheads and lack of footfall.

What if we could offer those local suppliers a stand within a larger store. Think of the ‘marketplace’ aisle at Morrison's. Rows of deli counters, each with its own branding of a local supplier, and all operating under the rules of Zero Waste. This is taking the old way of shopping, going into your individual greengrocers, fishmongers, etc and adding the modern convenience of it all being in one place.


If you have a hand crafted product that you think would be perfect in our store then get in touch! We'd love to support you!