We all know that plastic packaging is bad for the environment

but what can we really do about it?

Our supermarkets are full of shelves bulging with, often unnecessary, plastic packaging. As much as you may not want to contribute to the problem, we understand that life is busy. The convenience of popping into your local big supermarket to pick up a trusted, branded, item often outweighs your conscience. We have realised that if we really want to change the world, and the way people shop, we need to make it as easy, and as similar to the current shopping experience as possible, just without all of the single use plastic packaging. 

We want to halt the pollution of our planet and enhance the lives of millions by offering an easy, sustainable lifestyle choice. To create a transparent brand that will be known and trusted worldwide. To grow all ideas and concepts from a place of hope and integrity; banishing greed and dishonesty from the Supplier/Consumer relationship.



To offer a package free alternative to your every day household and food products. Where package free isn't possible, to offer items in packaging that is made from, and can then be 100% recycled or biodegradable. 



Fantastic shop. Can't wait until fully open to buy some more goodies. - Rachel Satchell

Visited this morning with my hubby and little one, your shop looks fab already and you’re only open part time at the moment!!!! Brought some brilliant zero waste bits and can’t wait to come again in September when you’re open fully! - Lauren Hickson

Fantastic products and Abigail is wonderful. Shopping plastic free is a minefield and you can buy with confidence here that the supply chain has been checked. - Marianne Daniels

Popped in today and purchased my first items! Would 100% recommend. Looking forward to going back to buy some more and refill my dispensers. Very reasonable prices too! - Lauren Brand

I visited the shop on Saturday for the first time and I have to say I was very impressed. I brought the refillable washing up liquid and environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets. I used the washing up liquid when I got home and it was brilliant! bonus being it was so soft on my hands as well. I will definitely be going back to refill my washing up liquid but also buying more products from Abigail. - Helena Gray