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Artisan Coffee Beans, Castanhas do Brasil - 250g

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Local Business: Cafezinho, Woldingham




Castanhas do Brasil is a variety of coffee where the coffee have his bark removed and the mature coffee is separated from the green coffee before the drying coffee, what gives that coffee a perfect balance. That process is known as Peeled Cherry. This process is all about separating ripe fruits and highlighting the sweetness o the coffee, making pulped natural a consistent aromatic with a superior quality.


Coffee with a notes of nuts and almonds, brings a perfect balance between sweetness and smooth acidity with an adequate body.


Aroma: Almonds and Chocolate
Flavor: Almonds, cashewnuts
Body: Full body
Aftertaste: Nice and really persistent .
Roasted: Medium dark
Origin: Fazenda Santa Rita- Brazil
Altitude: 950 meters
Variety: Red Cataui
Process: Peeled Cherry