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Artisan Coffee Beans, Flor de Laranjeira - 250g

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Local Business: Cafezinho, Woldingham



Caparao Amarelo is a variety of coffee only cultivated in the Serra do Caparao. Being grown at an altitude of 1440 metres gives this coffee a very distinctive and unique flavour, with a delicate hint of flowers and a freshness of an orange.


Caparao Amarelo has a dense body, with a delicate hint of flowers and citric fruits especially orange, and well-balanced acidity. Medium roasted for a pleasant and persistent finish


Aroma: Citric and Refreshing
Flavour: flowers and citric fruits
Body: Dense
Retrogosto: Palatable and persistent
Roasted: Medium
Origin: Fazenda Santa Rita-Brazil- Serra do Caparao
Altitude: 1440 metres
Variety: Caparao Amarelo
Process: Natural