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Fennel Seeds 30g

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Fennel is an aromatic perennial herb native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean and naturalised in northern Europe, Australia and North America. It grows between 1- 2.5 metres in height and has hollow, striated and sturdy stems which like the leaves are glaucous green in colour. The feathery leaves are alternate and tri-pinnately compound and can be up to 40-50cm in length. The entire flowers appear as umbels, terminally compound, each umbel comprised of 15-18 umbellets of tiny yellow flowers, and the entire flower head has a diameter of 6-15cm. The seeds are oval, fluted and are pale green in colour and between 4-8mm in length.



Energy kcals 345

Energy kJ 1443

Protein (g) 15.8

Fat (g) 14.87

{saturates_label} 0.48

Carbohydrate (g) 52.29

Fibre (g) 39.8

Sodium (mg) 88

Salt (g) 0.22